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BY JOHN MASTERS Meridian Writers’ GroupLONDON—The Whitechapel Gallery doesn’t make contemporary art any easier to understand, but it at least makes it as physically accessible as possible: free admission and a Tube stop literally at its door. The gallery remains true to its founding motto: “art for all.” Its creators even went so far as to forbid steps from the street level to the gallery for fear that they could be misread as trying to put art on a pedestal. Visitors walk straight in off Whitechapel High Street with no more to-do than if they were entering a Banana on...
Contemporary Art at the Whitechapel Gallery


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Rough Guide to Southwest USA, 6th edition





LINCOLN, NEW MEXICO “is the quintessential Wild West town” says the 6th edition of the Rough Guide to Southwest USA, ”barely changed since Billy the Kid blasted free from the county courthouse.”

Lincoln, 300 kilometres southeast of Albuquerque, is “not strictly speaking a ghost town,” says the guidebook. People still live here. But when the railroads bypassed it, it became stuck in the past. And it’s a notorious past.

This is where the outlaw Billy the Kid made his name, gunning down people in the Lincoln County War, a contretemps that started in 1878 when John Tunstall opened a provisioning store in Lincoln to compete with the existing one run by James Dolan. Dolan’s men ambushed Tunstall outside of the town. Soon after, several of Tunstall’s hired hands, Billy the Kid being one, took their revenge.

You can still visit Tunstall’s store, so completely authentic that it “must have failed to sell a single item in the ensuing century” since the war. A wounded Billy the Kid hid under its floorboards after shooting the town sheriff, a Dolan man.

Across the street is the Lincoln County Courthouse. It was originally Dolan’s store, but he took over Tunstall’s after the latter’s murder. Billy the Kid was jailed here, but escaped. “That the courthouse is now so old and musty only adds to the atmosphere of it all,” says the guidebook.



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1. This is a drawing by:

a) Edgar Degas

b) Vincent van Gogh

c) Mary Cassatt


2. Captain Thunderbolt, a 19th-century highwayman, had a secret identity as a school teacher in:

a) Vermont

b) Maine

c) Rhode Island


3. Cape Coast Castle, once an embarkation point for slaves, is a UNESCO World Heritage site in:

a) Sierra Leone

b) Morocco

c) Ghana







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