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Architect Frank Gehry Helps Gallery Renew Itself
BY JOHN MASTERS Meridian Writers’ GroupTORONTO—The first thing to say about controversial architect Frank Gehry’s extensive makeover of the Art Gallery of Ontario is that it’s no Bilbao. This is a good on...


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American POWs


SOUTH GEORGIA, the heart of Jimmy Carter country, where “there are more pecans and peanuts...than people,” according to the 7th edition of Moon Handbooks Georgia, is the home of the National Prisoner of War Museum (, part of the Andersonville National Historic Site run by the National Park Service.

The museum “delves into the poignant human chronicle of American prisoners of war from all conflicts, from the Revolution to the World Wars, and through Korea and Vietnam to the Iraq War.” The reason it’s in Georgia is that it’s on the site of Camp Sumter, a particularly vile Confederate POW camp in the American civil war.

“From February 1864 to May 1865, 45,000 Union prisoners lived on this bare 26-acre plot,” says the guidebook, “with no roof or shelter of any kind to shield them from the blistering South Georgia sun, nor from the winter cold. Nearly 13,000 died.” The world’s first war crimes trial came from that and the camp’s commandant was hanged for his role.

The museum is, says the guidebook, “often quite unsettling in its depictions of man’s inhumanity to man,” adding that, “candidly, perhaps you’ll also leave with a less-than-charitable attitude toward some of [America’s] enemies in particular conflicts who in no way recognized the Geneva Convention guidelines for the humane treatment of POWs.”



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