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Uncle Sam Wants You...
BY MITCHELL SMYTH Meridian Writers’ GroupTROY, New York—Pretty nearly everyone can describe Uncle Sam, the symbolic face of the United States. He has a top hat, a goatee, red-and-white striped pants and a blue jacket (colours borrowed from Old Glory, the U.S. national flag), right? Wrong. “Uncle Sam was in fact clean-shaven and he dressed in traditional clothes,” says Kathryn Sheehan, county historian for the area that includes on...
to Know He Was Real


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Time Out London, 22nd edition





SAMUEL JOHNSON WARNED that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,” but that’s even less likely today than it was when Johnson wrote it in the 18th century. Every year brings something fresh and worth exploring to the city.

One of the most recent additions is “the superb Granary Square,” says the 22nd edition of Time Out London.

The square is at the heart of a new neighbourhood, King’s Cross Central, around King’s Cross Station. It is, as the guidebook says, a “serious redevelopment”: “67 acres, 20 ‘historic structures’ being refurbed...‘up to 500,000sq ft of retail space’, 20 new streets, three new bridges, ten new parks and squares.”

Granary Square is filled with students attending St. Martin’s College of Art, which recently moved to the area. That’s helped make the square a good location for the new House of Illustration (, opened summer 2014. The guidebook says it’s “the world’s first gallery dedicated to the art of illustration.”

The development has also made more accessible Kings Place, a once-stranded pioneer of the King’s Cross revival. Its 400-seat main hall is “dominated by wood carved from a single, 500-year-old oak tree” and its “programming is tremendous [with] artists as wide-ranging as Schönberg and jazz band AIR.”



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