See Jajce now

Bradt Bosnia & Herzegovina, 4th edition

“THE TIME WILL soon come when this town realises its tourist potential,” says the 4th edition of Bradt Bosnia & Herzegovina of Jajce. So now would be the moment to put it on your itinerary.

What the guidebook is especially impressed by is the “spectacular” 13th-century citadel atop the hill in the middle of town. “Hugging the old fortress are beautiful old Ottoman-style homes, and rushing below them are two beautiful 27m waterfalls.”

There’s also a 4th-century A.D. temple dedicated to the god Mithras, next to the medieval steeple of St. Luke’s church, itself above 15th-century catacombs, the only ones in the country. “No other town in Bosnia and Herzegovina can boast so many cultural layers and having such numerous architectural styles in a place so small,” says the guidebook.

Five kilometres from Jajce, in a “pristine setting,” are the Pliva Watermills, where wheat was ground for centuries. Several of the mills have been restored to functionality.

For those wanting to know something of the bloody, complex recent history of the region, Jajce’s AVNOJ Museum (2 Zasjedanja Avnoj-a) is where to go.