Hunting Truffles

Where to find, taste and learn about truffles in Provence

PROVENCE IS home to the black truffle, one of the most expensive things you can eat. The price for a kilo of black truffles can be close to €1,000. The 1st edition of Moon Provence has tips on where to find, taste and learn more about them.

Moon Provence, 1st edition

Richerenches. “Thanks to a combination of soil and climate, the small village of Richerenches in the northern Vaucluse is the center of Provençal truffle production.” A truffle festival in November marks the start of truffle-picking season (December to February), with “all sorts of delicious truffle-based delicacies to try.” Every Saturday from mid-November to the end of March a truffles market brings restaurants buyers from across France.

Menerbes. The Luberon town Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence made famous is home to the Maison de la Truffe, “part shop, part restaurant, part activity center,” with truffle-hunting demonstrations and truffle-themed cooking classes. “The shop is replete with gifts for gourmands, such as olive oil infused with truffles.”

Aups. The Maison de la Truffe “lifts the veil on [the secret world of truffles], explaining where and how truffles grow, and examining the lives of the truffle hunters who spent their winters poking around in the forests of Var. The various exhibits are informative and multisensory.”

Rognes. The Sunday before Christmas the Truffle Market in Rognes, 30 minutes north of Aix, offers a variety of culinary treats, but the truffle is the star. “The traders are always ready with cooking instructions,” and stands sell scrambled eggs seasoned with truffle shavings: “absolutely delicious.”