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The Culture Locker website debuted in April 2013. It’s the creation of Meridian Writers’ Group, which has been syndicating travel editorial to newspapers since 1987. We’re based in Vancouver.


Our stories are about places you can go and things you can do to experience some particular aspect of human history or cultural endeavour. We like museums and galleries, ruins, preserved buildings and UNESCO World Heritage sites. We like things that are expressions of local culture or global standouts in their class: food, drink, shopping, architecture and arts festivals. We like pop culture that’s worth travelling to.


Meridian uses professional journalists. Please visit our “Writers” page to see our credentials. We are not “influencers.” We do not produce “native advertising,” branded content or custom content. Our aim is to present useful, accurate editorial engagingly. The articles we write and the pictures we take are solely for the benefit of the audience viewing them.


Privacy policy. The only way we track visitors is via Google Analytics. We don’t use cookies. If you enter one of our contests we log your name, and your postal and e-mail addresses, but we only pass on the winner’s contact info to the supplier of the prize so that it can be sent out.




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